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Real people.

Teresa, Antonio, Inma and María. Different views with a unique purpose: discovering beauty. The pursue of aesthetics and contemporary design by the creative minds converges with the careful selection of practical items that should become part of everybody’s life, merely for their reliability and timeless character, from the Sister and Brother. Perfectly assembled, they appreciate above all pieces that are hard to find and impossible to imitate and are building the perfect springboard for on-the-rise designers.

We understand that local, conscious brands can become global in a sustainable way.

Where to find us:

*Always, at our email or phone. We strive to offer the best personal assistance and squeeze these moments to tell you all the secrets of our best brands

*Twice a year, at our ephemeral store or trunk show. Sometimes with our newly discovered brands, sometimes with our classics; if you happen to be in Madrid, ours is the one-stop-shop

*Just once a week, in our newsletter. It’s all but a spammer-bargains-bulletin. Indeed, it’s the ongoing contact with our customers and followers, an intimate letter in which we tell you in advance what is yet to come

*ALWAYS needed, please ask us and we will arrange a private showroom especially for you. Anytime. An experience not offered before in Madrid. 


Real brands.

We are authentically Spanish people in constant search of beauty. Wherever it comes from, as long as respects the principles of craftsmanship, sustainability and balance. These made-in-Spain brands we are so extremely proud of are already part of our short history; the very best of the international independent designers’ wave is yet to come.

Our site gathers a thoughtful selection of atypical brands which create refined pieces for your closet, home, personal wellness and beauty.

Explore, discover... Find this piece that will be stuck in you eye for weeks, even months -until it arrives to your closet- and admire the care and perfection that new brands as Beatriz Palacios, Magro Cardona, Alfred Kerbs, Per Purr or Madmacarena provide to you.

Our dedicated, super expert team strives to communicate –and showroom- our beloved, niche brands.

*If You are a brand and would like to know more about us, be part of our showroom or land in the Spanish territory, we will be pleased to hear from you.