A new Wave…Mundaka Studio 

A new Wave…Mundaka Studio 

A new wave... Mundaka Studio

How was born the idea that inspired Mundaka Studio? We want to know your DNA.

The Project was inspired by the name of the beach ‘Mundaka’. It is a very wellknown small village

because of its ‘famous wave’ for surfing and we thougth we could also be something very little but powerfull as this place is.

We have been following the brand for a long time, we would say since its inception.

How has the path been from inside? How has the brand evolved?

Four years ago we started thinking about this idea of making garments for men. In the beggining we made

‘hybrid shorts’ only, then started with long pants and jackets so we could have the total looks in our imaginery.

Focused on the product, we have always evolved our ideas from the product usability and construction.

Who is behind? Express yourself!

We are 4 partners but it is me who’s in charge of the everyday work, design and production.

My partners Aitor, Bruno and Francisco come from the engineering world. It is very inspiring

to set up a brand with people who are not from the fashion industry.

How do you understand current and future fashion? We appreciate a movement whose maximum

is to highlight the product -premium and sustainable- above all else. 

I agree, there is a movement about quality and product sustainability going on.

I wish we will get to consume less from the big fast-fashion companies and more from small brands who perfom

a sustainable production and a more personal identity in products. For instance, in Mundaka Studio,

we repeat some patterns and colors as basic atemporal garments because we consider it is good

to find clothes that you like not only during 1 season but along the years.

Mundaka Studio envisioned a garment that combined design, comfort and practicality.

We are talking about the star-icon garment, the Swhorts. We would like you to tell our readers

(specially those who do not know them yet) how the idea came out. 

We started the Brand because we wanted to make interesting garments in terms of usability,

not just appearance or aesthetics. When thinking of what we would like to wear, we thought

about freedom and multifunctionality. That’s how the idea of a hybrid pant came up.

Something that you could wear in the city and go into the water and then get dry

and keep on with your day. After getting to this idea we realized that these ‘hybrids’

already existed in surf brands, but they looked really as swimshorts to me. We decided

to develop this product and make them look more like dressed pants rather than swimwear.

Men are increasingly aware of the trends and there is an increase too in consumption

as well as the search for products that differentiate them. How would you like to dress the current man?

I really like this question because I think men have many options to dress that they don’t use.

In general men don’t want certain silhouettes and fabrics. I would bet for wider silhouettes

(as our linen suits for instance) and more fluid and textured fabrics. I find very attactive

when men don’t get dressed with the classic suit and try different lengths and more distressed looks.

We are not only going to talk about guys, we want to know the tastes of the designer after

Mundaka Studio. What are your "A Bout" brands with which you best identify yourself?

I alwasy loved Lemaire, it’s impressing how everything is superhigh quality.

And I also respect a lot Ann Demeulemeester, in my opinion she is a really good

example of integrity and style as she has been always true to herself as a designer

since the beginning. In the past, I was always following the work of Martin Margiela,

McQueen and Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga, but nowadays I’m more inspired by

some people in the streets, traditional costumes from my hometown or just interesting vintage pieces.



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