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Jimmy Millán

What is fashion without art? And art without fashion? The collaboration between the artist Jimmy Millán and "A bout by SmartLuxury" was born in our eagerness to tell the stories that lie behind great creators. A series of three shirts that try to capture the spirit behind us, uniting art, unique pieces and fashion. We managed to stop Jimmy for a few moments to tell us firsthand his impressions, exhibitions and future movements.

Once again we invite Jimmy Millán. The reason? The new capsule that was born between “A Bout” and the great artist from Jaén.

Tell us your latest movements and exhibitions

On the horizon I have some expected exhibitions along 2018. Also I'm part among other creators (More & More Design, Flaxtl and Belin and some others) and artisans (Alfarería Tito, Ubedíes and more) of a vanguard handcrafts project boosted by 'Diputación de Jaén' in Úbeda and directed by Juan Carlos Santos (professor in fashion design masters and assesor of brands like Loewe). That all accompanied by commissioned artworks and, a shotout for my collaboration with you...I'm so excited! 

We believe a lot in the stories that come after a brand, a designer or in this case the one that is behind the artist. Which is yours?

It's a long story. I always had a special fancy for the aesthetic, I can see beauty around me, both in obviously nice and ugly things because I think beauty is a question of attitude, of feeling full, well with yourself and with the things that surround you...thankfully I see it clear. I started and finished my studies at Public Management and Administration knowing that it wasn't going to be "my story", so after working in that area I decided to quit my job, leaving moorings and started to be free and to look for myself. 

I liked Fashion, Art, Photography, Music, many things and so little time (Life runs really fast!); then I decided to put them all together and turn them over my artworks. Sometimes it's hard to explain feelings and to connect with the emotions of the people just with words, and that's why I put my inquietudes down into papers, canvas, wood...

And the designs? What history do they have behind them?

Stories do matter. Stories mark the people off, influence others, inspire a lot....I like to think, and to know, that things I incorporate to my life have a story behind, born from something authentic, fruit of an inspiration, not a simple artifice or a fast copy of something that's just produced to be sold massively. These tees are for people that appreciate the stories, own and of other people that have something interesting to say. The outline of a face, a simplified portrait of a complex reality, inspired in the first "trans" model that starred a women swimsuit campaign for the brand Ziah...a mouth, inspired in a Beatriz Palacios' jewell, universal vehicle of expression, passional...Know my story is a plea to appreciate the things by its value, not by what the mainstream says. 

What is your favorite? Why?

I feel love for my artworks, they are like my children. I think that every tee have somewhat especial, the "Know" model, with the velvet words and that lovely pale rose tone, "Face" model, simple but expressionistic and the "Mouth", with that flow even a little rocker...I couldn't choose just one! 

How do you see the relationship between the world of art world and fashion? How has it inspired you?

In my opinion they're inseparable. Fashion, in a romantic way not like a money maker machine, is Art. Stories are told though Fashion, it's looking to excite people, to make them fell attraction Fashion inspires me when it's separated from the massified, when I see how people use it, how they write their stories with a very own and authentic style, showing a coherence between how they are and how do they look., not crafty not overreacting.

We would like to know your muses, the artists you admire and the designers you follow

Muse is a serious word, I believe that feeling that somebody is your Muse is similar that being in love, but from a more spiritual level. My Muse is the "woman", I always thought that Men were built, but Women were designed and sculpted, like a perfect Miguel Ángel's creation that continue to amaze people. Regarding to the artists I admire, Modigliani and Sorolla thrill me, I'm fascinated by Miguel Ángel and Hopper, with Matisse and Gauguin I vibrate, Warhol and Muscha get my applause and Basquiat leaves me speechless. About designers, I like a lot, anyway I had to admit that I like more the old school because they have more glamourous lives, private and elegant, making their maisons breath and broadcast that essence.

What is your favorite clothe in an outfit? Winter or Summer clothes? Let us discover your wardrobe

In an outfit I consider we can't have a mistake with the footwear, and that's why I pay attention in what I sell. Concerning Winter or Summer clothes...I choose both, a mixture. I'd love to live in a place were wearing light clothes during the sunny and warm day, and get some coat in the sunset and night. I like coats, sweaters and blazers, but also tees and short bermudas.



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