Alfred Kerbs


Geometry and color to embellish our face. Always.

The new aesthetics turned into glasses.

Discovering this brand has meant for us the revival of the savoir-faire –just in the middle of a crazy boom of the low cost glasses-. And knowing that its soul is partly Made-in-Spain gave sense to everything, the newness and our relationship. 

It is impossible not staring at them, since every one of their designs has this “something” that is usually hard to find. And each pair of sunnies looks good in everybody, definitely, always –they are born to create beauty-. So, further that showing its newest and most special selection, we would like to pay tribute to this unique brand that is already big –Colette Paris, Desperado Tokyo, Spex in the City in London or Noventa Grados in Spain (the best stores worldwide!) already have them (and so we do)-. This is Alfred Kerbs.

Playful pieces that use geometry, unsual colors and exquisit materials. Where does this creativity come from?

Alfred nourishes from the artistic, sensorial universe of its creative team. It is the designer himself who usually suggests incredible sources of inspiration to give birth to each new style of sunnies: art, architecture, iconic people… Our Keith style, for instance, is totally inspired by the Keith Haring look, Memphis comes obviously from the 80’s Italian collective devoted to contemporary design, the Memphis Group. The 1988 sunnies of our No. 3 Collection are rooted in the latest 80’s-early 90’s and remind us of a design worn and brought to the highest by Serge Gainsbourg during these years.

Shades, on the other hand, are exhaustively, deeply analyzed and our palette relies always on arts and fashion. This is the origin of the investigation for our special, Italian acetates. 

Why creating a new sunnies brand?

The brand was born organically. Within the team we count on some experts in the optical field and in parallel, passionate for fashion and art. Creating a successful glasses brand to be preserved over time requires in essence deep technical knowledge –especially if the brand is extended to prescription lenses-. In Alfred we are in constant search for the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort. 

The philosophy that Alfred Kerbs projects is…

Laidback elegance is what makes us Alfred Kerbs.

Just fashion or craftsmanship?

Glasses are always a hybrid between a beauty accessory and protective element. Since our creations have presence in top optical stores, their quality must be optimal. To always meet this goal, our glasses are assembled in Italy and all lenses are premium, include anti-reflecting technology and 100% UV/UVB protection.

Kerbs’ women in just 3 words are…/Kerbs’ men in just 3 words are…

Actually, Alfred is also "a-gender", this is our approach. So we would talk about the Alfred people, they are simply themselves.

Which is the perfect outfit you would combine with a pair of Alfred Kerbs sunnies?

Indeed, an outfit that makes you feel strong, powerful and free, just that makes you find yourself. 


Donec nec est maurishoncus mi at odio

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